For Artist is the digitalplatform to artist for showing their hidden talent and entertain the society will provide the opportunity to all artist to become famous , Get recognition  , The platform will connect artists to audience , agencies and event organiser wherein artists get the assignment for performance and opportunity to earn money and fame ,As we know  there are many talented artists  in our country but everybody is not able to showcase their talents due to lack of opportunities now the age of internet and the power of social media  and digitalisation We ‘’Talent’’ are here to support all kind of artist like, Singers, Comedian, Dancers, Models, actors ,Story taller. Writers, Live Band,DJ, Drama and theatre artists, Musician, Photographers and other who has talent who can entertain the world.

Our vision to promote artists and their art in the right directions and right places creating opportunities connecting Fans, Audience and Promotors without any charges.

For Academy /Talent studio

we know there is no shortage of talented people in our country , we can see in our societies , Gully , Colony ,City and surrounding we find the artistic people , But fact is that most of the talented people even having some special art but not able to explore and identify themselves they just feel it’s a hobby and they do not follow their passion and not taking it seriously .

Then the role comesof Talent academies,studios,Institutions to get recognise potential talent within you because no matter how much talent you have the matter is it needs the right direction, training, guidance to convert your hobby into career these agencies playing a vital role to creating star and showing path for stardom.

We ‘’’’ are committed to help and both artists and talent institutions to connect on one platform to fulfil their needs and grow.

For Artist Recruiters

Opportunity to hire the talented people according the right profile from the pool of statists registered with

Our Vision

We want to become the largest platform of talented artist of all categories, committed to provide the valuable support to all artist and talent in terms of performance, role ,recognition  our mission to  make you famous and provide platform to become star , because we  believe if God has given talent or art to you , you should value that and justify , all are not talented if you are ? then here chance to become star.