A man who has had an exceptional career in terms of portraying negative roles and is a brilliant and very underrated actor, Sonu Sood is nothing short of a perfect hero in real life. During the onset of the pandemic, this good Samaritan came to the rescue of people and helped many poor who relocated to find their way back home. He is our knight in shining armour.

Sonu Soon is a 21st century Bollywood actor who, known to play a villain in movies like Singh is king, Simba, and Dabangg. He has done more than 60 films across various languages. He is a well-known, hailed actor in the Hindi film industry, and probably one of the most talented people Bollywood has ever seen. He has worked alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the happy new year and Jackie Chan in kung fu yoga. He also owns his own production house, Shakti Sagar productions. Apart from being one gem of an actor, he has always had a soft spot for philanthropy and activism and has seen voicing his concerns on social media platforms quite often.

He is the man who gave migrants hope in the trying during times of pandemic. He showed them lightly when there was nothing but uncertainty for them. Due to the lockdown imposed during peak COVID times, there were no means of transport for these workers to travel back to their homes. Since there was a total lockdown and there was no means of money, they couldn’t afford the more luxurious services to travel back either.

 Sonu Sood arranged buses with proper care and sanitization for them. He got order letters from state governments and helped them travel across state borders. He got them food, water, and shelter, He arranged 10 buses and helped 350 migrants move from Mumbai to Karnataka. He didn’t just stop there. Sonu, along with his friend Neeti Goel even arranged buses and trains and helped people move. When these people lost all faith in the government, this hero came along and helped them out.

To help more people, Sonu Sood launched a toll-free helpline number to help out the migrant workers. He made sure to address all grievances these workers had and tried dealing with all their problems. He did not stop here. He went on organizing a food drive along with BMC and helped almost 45,000 people daily across Mumbai. He realized the importance of medical workers in these excruciating times and arranged a hotel for them to stay. If they are coming to treat people from far-off places, they need a sanitized and safe space. He gave it to them. In association with ISM EDUTECH, he launched a scholarship for aspiring kids who dream, to become a doctor. 

The best part about all this was that he never had an ulterior motive. He didn’t want to join a political party. He never wanted to politicize the move. He was just a kind-hearted person who wanted to help out his country when the government itself turned its backs on them. He was the unsung hero of the masses, a messiah, and an utmost inspiration for the youth.

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